About Us

Created in 2001, Cleartel is a privately owned Canadian Corporation that has become the wholesale distribution company of choice for all pre-paid telecommunication and e-commerce services, notably for mobile and prepaid calling cards. Based in Montreal, Cleartel has offices in several cities and ensures a national coverage, distributing its pre-paid telecommunication services coast to coast in Canada.

Cleartel prides itself for its expertise and innovative pre-paid transaction processing, as well as its information management systems which facilitates the electronic distribution of pre-paid wireless and long distance phone cards from their carrier providers and distributors to retail point of sale.

Cleartel has dedicated engineering staff and support professionals to ensure timely efficient solutions. As such, Cleartel remains at the forefront of delivering pre-paid telecommunication services.

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4257 Rue St-Catherine Ouest
Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 1P7